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Nothing is more pleasant than discovering France with a bike. Indeed, France has many beautiful landscapes like mountains, woods, beach,… And we don’t want you to miss it. That’s why we decided to create our website to make it easier for you to find bikes at the best prices and to not bring yours with you because we know it’s not easy. So, our concept is to provide you high qualities bikes with the lowest prices. For that, you just have to select a bike on our website, to rent it only during the period you need the bike and then you can pick up your bike directly in France.

As we said, to rent a bike will permit to really discover France. To rent a bike is a always a great opportunity for you to enjoy all amazing landscapes of France even if you will stay just a few days. We offer the best bike brands on the market like SCOTT, CANNONDALE, ORBEA,…

You could also choose the type of bike you want on our website. For example we propose mountain bikes, normal bikes, road bikes, electric bikes,… That’s why SportyRent is the easier way to rent a bike on the market. We deliver a H24 support. We sign insurances and deposits. Everything is done to ensure that your bike rental will be perfect.

Wich bikes can you rent with SportyRent ?

On our website, you will find a large range of bikes that will allow you to wander everywhere you want in France. We offer amazing bike descriptions to permit you to choose the right bike for your trip.

First, we have the VTC. The VTC is a bike that can be used everywhere you want. It’s perfect if you don’t know very well wich types of area you are going to visit. Furthermore, it’s also a good alternative if you want to visit many differents types of landscapes. So, the VTC is a recreational bike that will allow you to bring your bike everywhere. But conversely to the VTT, it’s not the best bike for a sport use but it is very good for family outings for example. Also, it’s very easy to transport it thanks to its low weight.

    There are two main categories of VTC :

  • The Urban VTC : they are especially made to be used on road. The main advantage is its great comfort. The geometry oh the bike is done to have a straight position and not on the front such as a Sport VTC has. They have also a big saddle and a curved handlebar for a better comfort. They are often made with practical storrages to put it some things you need during a stroll for example.
  • The Sport VTC : The main difference between both VTC is that you have a less straight position with the Sport VTC. Thanks to that you can be speeder with this type of bike. It has also a triple chainring that will help you on all areas.

The Mountain Bike :

The mountain bike isn’t a city bike. Indeed, it is made for winding roads. It allows you to be more comfortable on difficult roads or paths.

It is a bike made for a sporty driving. It is possible to have a full suspension to cushion a maximum of shocks or semi-rigid (only suspensions at the front for better pedaling but also to cushion shocks with the fork). Their weight is generally 10 to 16 kg.


The folding bike is the most convenient bike for city. As the name suggests, it can be folded and brought easily in public transport for example or simply to save space in an apartment. It doesn’t have a sport frame so it’s more comfortable than efficient. There are two types of frames. A steel frame or an aluminum frame. The steel frame will be heavier than the aluminium frame but it will be less expensive. The folding bike weight is usually between 12 and 15 kg. The folding bike is great for short journeys.


It is the one that we have the most frequently in city. It combines comfort and stability.

Comfort thanks to a frame that will deliver you a straight position on your bike. It usually have a curved handlebars with a large saddle.

Stability thanks to its thick wheels that permit a better handling on road. It may be equipped with a luggage rack at the rear of the bike and a basket at the front. It weighs on average 13 to 19 kg. It is similar to the urban VTC.


It’s a real fashion phenomenon and it looks like a “old school” bike. It is used in town. These types of bikes are easy to use and fast. Indeed, you don’t need any technical knowledge with this bike. You only have to pedal. Its weight is between 10 and 12 kg.

There are some differencies between a Fixie and Singlespeed.

  • The Fixie : The main difference is about their braking systems. With a Fixie bike, when you stop pedaling the bike will stop cycling. You don’t have brakes, everything will be done with the pedals. It requires more training than the Singlespeed bike.
  • The Singlespeed : It looks like the Fixie but it has a free sprocket and two brakes.

The BMX :

The BMX (Bicycle motocross) is a bike made to be used in skateparks, on moguls, Flat, Freestyle or Dirt. It isn’t made for long journeys. It is a bike mainly made to practice on the ground or to jump. The BMX is a small bike without suspensions. That’s why it’s easy to use it.

The BMX weight can be between 9 and 12 kg.


The Electric Assistance Bike or more often called an electric bike, has an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. The Electric Bike doesn’t move itself when you start using it. You have to pedal to be helped by the motor. There are Electric Bikes for city or for more difficults areas likes paths for example. The difference will be at the level of suspensions and the frame. Its autonomy will vary according to the range, the weight of the bike, the weight of the user,etc. Generally it’s about 40 km. But this type of bike has a important weight which can vary from 17 kg to 25-30 kg for the heaviest.


The children bike doesn’t really have any particularity. Size will be the main difference with others bikes. It can be with a rigid, semi-rigid or all-hanging frame like all adult bikes have.


They are made only to be used on road. If you choose a race bike it’s to have some fluidity when you pedal. This type of bike is mainly used to have speed on the road or in town. The comfort goes second with an elongated position, a saddle and a very thin wheel and a rigid frame. Everything is done for this bike to be as aerodynamic as possible. Equipped with a carbon or aluminum frame, racing bikes are very light and resistant. It’s the bike that will help you the most on slopes or hills. It is the lightest of all bike categories with a weight from 6 to 10 kg. (The lightest bike record is 2.7 kg !).

Now let’s take a look at the two most “atypical” bikes.


The tandem is the only bike that requires cooperation. Indeed, you are two : one behind the other on this type of bike. It’s made to practice on road. You will have to pedal at the same frequency as your partner because lots of tandem have chain-linked cranks made with identical size platters. But don’t worry, there are also models that have a free wheel to pedal which allows to desynchronize the pedaling. Only the one at the front has the possibility to choose directions when you’re pedaling. At the back you will have a fixed handlebar that is just there for balance. The brakes are also installed at the front of the bike but some tandems also deliver brakes at the rear.

It’s an ideal bike to walk with yourlove or with friends. Of course, who says two people says more efficiency than a simple bike. But take attention with the ribs, the more people are on the bike the more effort you will have to make. Tandems go from two to three people and sometimes four ! Also, there are foldable tandem to save space.

Their weights can sometimes be lighter than electric bikes with a weight from 20 kg to 30 kg for doubles.


Let’s finish with the cargo bike. It’s very useful for walks between parents and their children.

The principle ? It is an extended bike that has a large tub at the front to transport your children with you for example. It’s very useful for bike rides. Many cargo bikes length exist on the market (different tubs, number of wheels,etc). Be careful when you use it because a cargo bike requires a important sense of balance due to the weight of all passengers. There are also electric cargo bikes to make pedaling easier and to balance easily the excess of weight.

Their width and weight may different depending of the cargo bike (18 kg to 47 kg).

    Here are the different cargo bikes :

  • The « Biporteur » : Cargo bike with two wheels (lighter but less balance).
  • The « Triporteur » : a three wheels cargo bike (heavier but more balance).
  • The extended bike or “long-trail” : bike with luggage rack at the rear (some models are foldable).

You’re now a bike specialist ! All you have to do is to choose your bike according to your wishes ! Are you going to ride in the most remote trails ? Or just visit places alone or with friends or family ? With our bike rentals, SportyRent gives you the opportunity to realize all your dreams !